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 TNT Theatre Britain presents:


written by J.B.Shaw

directed by Christian Flint and Paul Stebbings
musical Score by Christian Auer

PYGMALION is one of the best known plays ever written, and rightly so. This exploration of language and class, explores the idea of social mobility through wit and humour that empowers a Cockney flower seller at the expense of a wealthy Professor.

Shaw dissects society and it’s (lack of) social morals in a feast of laughter and sharp wit. The brilliant Irish writer exposes the hypocrisy of the British Establishment with a skill only rivalled by his compatriot Oscar Wilde.

Eliza Doolittle is the London Flower seller who rises from poverty and brutality to being able to impersonate a Duchess at a Society Ball under the tuition of the heartless and eccentric Professor Higgins. Eliza is an extraordinary fictional creation that has mesmerised the stage and Hollywood since Shaw premiered the work in Edwardian London.

The musical version, MY FAIR LADY, is regarded as one of the finest examples of the genre. PYGMALION reinvents itself for each generation and now is often seen as a story of female emancipation in a male world. Eliza does not fight for riches or even love but independence and respect.

Paul Stebbings 2018 production was enthusiastically received by audiences across Europe. Now revived by Christian Flint for TNT, this PYGMALION literally dances through Shaw’s masterpiece; the play of words matched by lively choreography to create an accessible piece of total theatre.

The production includes a newly composed music and dramatises scenes, such as the Royal Ball, which are only talked of in the original. The author was infuriated by attempts in the theatre and on film to suggest his play was nothing more than a strange and charming romance, writing:

“I absolutely forbid any suggestion that the middle aged man and young flower girl are in love”. George Bernard Shaw wrote. So what is this wonderful comedy about ?

Behind the laughter and the lightness of touch lies a profound play that exposes the gulf between rich and poor that only widens in our present world.

 PYGMALION - trailer


Przewidywana długość spektaklu:
 120 min., z przerwą


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